Monday, June 12, 2006

Heart Following the Will; Busy yet Content - 6/10/06

finally can steal a moment to upload the pictures my friend just sent me. I'll let the pictures tell my "FIFA story".

Good to see a Chinese face

Leaving hand prints with maestros

Both Chinese and English names filed

I like the lucky red in the year of dog- the year i was born

A quick meal - daddy's always there for me

At rehearsal

With Mehta, Domingo at a press conference

We're all soccer fans!

The combination of soccer and music is marvelous.
Music lightens the holy soccer field, like a rainbow to the sky.
Music conveys morale and energy to the players and feels the happiness and sadness with the fans.
It is a song of victory to the winner and a lullaby of comfort to the defeated.
No matter one walks out of the field with hyper excitement or a whispering sigh,
everyone is captivated by the magic of soccer amplified by the music they hear.

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A Letter To Mom - 5/14/06

Dear Mom:

How are you? Today I can smell Mother’s Day in the air! At this moment, I really want to fly back to you, be with you, chat with you, go shopping with you, or MAYBE help you do some housework. However, I’m away because of the schedule I’ve committed to. I feel sorry not being able to accompany you in such a special occasion and hope you’d forgive me for that. I’ll make it up!

Mom, you are the greatest woman in the world. In the difficult days, it was your tenderness and love that nurtured the whole family, enabling me to feel your presence no matter how far away I was from you.

Mom, you’ve always been my emotional support and the support for our entire family in the difficult times. You symbolize kindness and beauty in my heart! On this special day, I sincerely wish you and all the moms in the world forever healthy, happy and beautiful!

Everyone in China must be on their Labor Day vacation, but I’m still running non-stop. A few days ago I had a concert in the great La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy. This prestigious opera house located in the center of Milan is the holy land for operas. It was built in 1778 and was named after noblewoman Beatrice della Scala, wife of Bernabo Visconti. Many famous operas in the 19th century, such as Bellini’s “Norma”, Verdi’s “Otello”, Puccini’s “Turando” and “Madam Butterfly” were all premiered here. I was told by the staff here that the Italian government has spent 67 million USD to repair the building, retaining its 18th century look yet providing it with the most advanced equipments and improved acoustics. You gotta check out those balconies! Sitting in those fancy balconies overlooking the majestic hall makes you feel like going back to the 19th century – you can imagine how those rich aristocrats lived! Each balcony here is like a huge entertainment room. Back to the good old days, those highly privileged people spent their leisure time there being entertained by the music and all the exquisite wine and food! To the Italians, La Scala opera house is a symbol of status. It’s really my honor to perform here. The audience went wild. I am addicted to this palace that’s filled with Renaissance-style art and architectures. Every line, every brick and every building in this place is work of art! It was hard for me to leave. Mom, I’ll have to bring you here next time! You should see it for yourself! You’ll be amazed!

I returned to the US after Italy and am now in Indianapolis. I’ve chosen Mozart piano concerto K453 for this performance. This concerto is quite unique, especially in the 3rd movement that consists variations on a theme and a grand ending. It has a delicate comparison between brightness and dimness. In the variations, Mozart depicts a kind of bird that sings out of tune. The theme is actually quite “childish”. It’s composed for his student Barbara von Ployer.

Oh mom, to tell you something funny – this is also rare. I was invited by a car racing organization in Indianapolis to sit in the passenger’s seat while they would be practicing and feel the speed at 200miles/hr. I got up at 6:30 in the morning which was entirely abnormal for me. However, when I arrived, all geared up, it was suddenly pouring. I got soaked and the race was cancelled! At the end, I just got to ride a golf cart. This was pathetic...

I am very busy these days, yet happy. I was recently recording for the soundtrack of a Chinese movie, called “The Banquet” for my good friend Tan Dun. It’s a mixture of classical and modern music, culture and non-culture, and Chinese and western styles. It was fun playing with percussion instruments.

My long-anticipated World Cup opening concert is coming soon! I’m going to play 3 pieces: Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin,Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by Liszt, and “We Are Champions”. The last one is to accompany Domingo- I'm nog going to sing it myself, haha. The conductor will be Mariss Jansons, who conducted the Vienna New Year Concert this year, and the orchestra I’m going to work with is the Bayerische Staatsorchester.

All right, mom, I’m going to practice now. I’ll call you later!

Wish you a happy Mother’s Day!

Your Son,

Lang Lang

P.S. I’m putting up a picture taken recently. I was giving a master class, and the kid in the picture is a Chinese student at Curtis, named Haochen Zhang. He’s very smart and has very good comprehension to music. He plays very well!

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